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Do you think that a business owned and run by a 10-year old only exists in novels or TV shows? That was before you looked at this website and discovered Galloping Heart(TM). Galloping Heart(TM) is my very own business: I own it and I run it. OK, my mother is my coach, but trust me she makes sure that I am the one who makes the calculations, patterns, measurements, sewing, and I learn about business stuff like profit, setting a price, branding, or making a product plan. She used to have her own company and she also helped several technology and biology companies get started, and she has even been a teacher too after grad school. -- What is Galloping Heart? Galloping Heart is a creative and compassionate business that makes and sells unique handmade items such as pillows, pet blankets, lounge pants, draft guards, or bags. Galloping Heart is focused on originality, high-quality, and compassion. My company donates up to 20% of its sales revenues to St Jude's Hospital and a special animal rescue (see story below). -- 5 (at least) reasons to buy a Galloping Heart creation! First, my creations are imagined and designed by me, and what I want is for people to love my pillows, draft guards, bags, pet blankets and the many other things that I have in mind; Second, my creations are not boring! they come in many different shapes, which makes me practice my sewing skills and make them totally unique. Most are made in cool high-quality designer fabrics that I choose with my mother from certain high-end fabric stores. Third, my creations are produced in a very limited number because my top priority is school and my grades better not dive because of my business. So I do not have time to make more than maximum 3 or 4 of each item I design. Plus, some of the fabric we find are remnants of "vintage" fabric from the 50s-70s. Fourth, my mommy makes sure that my items are perfectly sewn, and of superb quality. Fifth, each item has an identity card with the name or number of an animal that is either available for adoption, or has been adopted. Some products have the number of a horse that has unfortunately been sold to killer, so that its martyr and death brings at least a few Dollars toward saving another horse or pony. I would like to also ID some items with the first name or nickname of a cancer patient at St Jude's Hospital, but my mother says that it is complicated and we need to talk to St Jude's Hospital. -- Make an affordable statement! My creations are very different from products found in stores like Target, Ikea, or even C&B or Pottery Barn. Plus, I also take special order

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